The City of Recife

Learn Portuguese in Brazil - Recife

The Brazilian economy is the third in the Americas after that of the US and Mexico, and the fifteenth largest in the world. The population numbers 175 million. There is no better place to learn Portuguese in Brazil than in a beautiful tropical city famed as a top tourist destination.

Recife, a city of 2 million people, is the capital of the State of Pernambuco, exotic and fascinating, with a rich colonial past. The predominant racial mix is of the Portuguese colonizers with native South American Indians, with some contribution from African slaves. The happy result is an attractive, agile people.

Students learn Portuguese outside as well as inside the classroom. Visiting the shops; going to the beach with the friends you will meet at the school; and going out at night; are all fun ways to practice and learn Portuguese.


Olinda, 5km north of Recife, founded in 1537, is listed by UNESCO as part of Mankind's Natural and Cultural Heritage. Old Recife and Olinda have charming colonial churches, squares and mansions. Walking around and exploring the beautiful colonial streets is another great way to learn Portuguese.


Recife is a center of popular culture and folklore, famous for the dance rhythms of its music. The climate is tropical, averaging 90F, 32C during the day. The sun shines all year round. A gentle breeze blows regularly from the sea.

Boa Viagem

Pernambuco has 200km of superb beaches, some with hotels and sports facilities, many remote and deserted. The ideal of golden sand fringed with coconut palms can be seen everywhere along the coast, including in Recife itself.

Boa Viagem is a 12 km long beach suburb running South from Recife. It is a sophisticated holiday resort, popular with people from overseas and from other parts of Brazil. Recife International Airport is ten minutes drive from the School and from the beaches. The School where you will learn Portuguese is only 100 meters from Boa Viagem beach.

Boa Viagem has the best Shops in town. Its bars have character and style. Restaurants range from the elegant to modest seaside taverns. The beaches provide sheltered swimming protected by the reef from which the name of the city derives. Average water temperature is 78F, 26C. Soccer, the national game, is played everywhere all day, and at night on the floodlit beaches. Anyone can play. Brazilians are seen at their best when dancing, and in the nightclubs will expect you to join in. Everyone does!