Social Responsibility

Since opening in 1983, Britanic School - Recife has invested in social projects to help our local community. The school has been involved in dozens of different campaigns to raise money, food, and clothes for the poor, and has been involved in raising awareness of how we as individuals can make a difference in our society. The school has also built two homes for the homeless.

Many of our staff are volunteers in diverse social projects within the city. Visiting students, who would like to help, can work as volunteers with a number of NGO's that the School supports.

Our most recent social project is to support the professional development of twenty seven community entrepreneurs, selected by the NGO: Academia de Desenvolvimento Social. The Academia de Desenvolvimento Social, is financed by two major foundations: the American Kellogs Foundation and the Brazilian Sebrae Foundation and has six local partners, including Britanic School - Recife.

The twenty seven selected men and women receive a two year renewable scholarship at the school . They also receive training and financial assistance from the other local partners. Each of the twenty seven trainees has to develop a social project within their own community.

The Academia de Desenvolvimento Social has its own web site at: