School Information

Britanic: Portuguese Language School Recife

The Portuguese Language School, started in 1994, is housed in the southern branch of Setúbal, only one minute from the marvellous Boa Viagem beach, which runs 12km along the side of the city. The beach provides swimming sheltered by the reefs from which the city derives its name. Britanic has gained a well deserved reputation as one of the top Portuguese Language Schools teaching Brazilian Portuguese. Recife International Airport is situated only 10 minutes drive from the School. The city of Recife is a great place to Study Portuguese in Brazil

The School Building

Founded in 1983, Britanic School Recife, is one of the leading and most respected language teaching organisations in the northeast of Brazil. It is affiliated to LAURELS The Latin American Union of Registered Language Schools. We keep to the high professional standards of LAURELS, employing only experienced and qualified teachers. More than 90 teaching and administrative staff now work in the School's five branches and the separate administrative headquarters. Students coming to Recife to Learn Portuguese, benefit from our excellent facilities.

Internet Room

The teachers of the Portuguese course in Recife are experienced and trained Brazilian professionals. The school is air-conditioned and fully equipped with a library and multi-media computer facilities with dedicated ADSL connection for Internet and e-mail access. All classrooms are fitted with recording equipment, stereo TV and video.

Viviane: The School Director

The majority of Britanic's Brazilian students are studying English or Spanish to supplement their school study or to take international university exams. Visiting students of Brazilian Portuguese benefit from this cross-cultural contact and find their skills broadened.