We hope that you choose learning to speak Portuguese with us. We are committed to ensuring that students learning Portuguese at our school are well looked after and we pay attention to the needs of every student who studies with us. Our teachers and administrative staff are always happy to help students learning to speak Portuguese.

The enrolment fee, the first month of course fees, and the first month of accommodation must be paid on the first day of your course. Please arrive an hour early on the first day to allow time for your enrolment and payments.

We do not require any payment before your arrival.

There is an enrolment fee of R$ 150,00 per student. This fee is non-refundable and is paid on your arrival at the school.

Books and extra pedagogic material fee
There is a fee of R$ 360,00 for the class books and other pedagogic materials used while you are learning Portuguese in Brazil at Britanic School.

Individual lessons are 60 minutes long. Tailor- made lessons which give the student an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or concern.

One-to-one Classes R$ 100,00 per hour

Closed Groups R$ 3.750,00 per week

Optional extras

Trips can be arranged within Recife to cultural and historical sites; to the nearby coastal cities of João Pessoa, Natal and Porto de Galinhas, including beach visits and buggy rides across the dunes; and to the Pernambucan interior cities of Gravatá and Caruaru. Diving, sailing and micro-light flying can also be arranged. Trips and other social activities are great ways of practicing what you learn in the classroom. We believe that Learning Portuguese should not be restricted only to the classroom.

Buddies: the cost of a Buddy is R$ 100,00 for 4 hours, in the afternoon or in the evening. R$ 20,00 for additional hour. When there is two or more students the cost falls to R$ 35,00 each per 4 hours. We need you to give us at least 24 hours notice when you require this service. Though we understand that it is not always possible to know in advance and so we would always try to provide a Buddy even at the last minute. The buddy system is a great extra way of learning to speak Portuguese.

Airport transfers are available for a cost of R$ 80,00 per person per trip. If more than one student arriving for the same course is travelling in the same vehicle, the per person price is R$ 50,00.

We advise all students to take out comprehensive health insurance in their own country before arrival.