Holiday Fun

Have Holiday Fun and Learn Brazilian Portuguese

We want you to learn to speak Portuguese while enjoying your time with us and benefit from the social life of the local community. It is just as important to us that you have fun while you learn Brazilian Portuguese. We want you to have a great holiday experience here with us in Recife - a fascinating city - while you learn to speak Portuguese.

We understand that coming to a new, unfamiliar city and needing to cope in another language can be stressful for some students. So we have created an innovative program of Buddies: young men and women who can show you around town, go shopping with you, or take you to the beach and keep you company. If you prefer night life you will have someone to take dancing or to a bar.

Learn to Speak Brazilian Portuguese in the Square

We believe that to learn to speak Portuguese is a process that should not end in the classroom, but extend throughout the rest of the day and over the weekends. A Buddy can mind up to four students at a time. Though in most cases just one or two students. This aspect of our Brazilian Portuguese course has proved extremely popular and is a great way of practicing to speak Portuguese while integrating into the social life of the city. It provides intensive language practice in an uncontrolled environment. There is a small fee for this service. It is great value for money. The cost is explained in the Optional Extras section under the Payments Link.

Learn to Speak Portuguese and Have Fun

Olinda, 6 km north of Recife, the original State capital, founded in 1537, is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Olinda and old Recife are characterised by charming colonial churches, squares, mansions and public buildings.

Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas was a small fishing village that has grown to become one of the most important beaches of Brazil - This wonderful tourist spot is known for its extensive coastline and magnificent beach, palm trees, crystal clear water and rich diversity of marine life on reefs, which natural pools where you can practice snorkeling or just swimming with a wide variety of colorful tropical fish. The village has a nightlife, with its shops, restaurants and bars. The water temperature is of 28 degrees year round.